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stress releif with sister

I undressed to my boxers and
darted across the hall to
Kathryn’s room. As I slowly
opened the door, I noticed her
room was dimly lit, and I was
shocked at the sight of my
sister lying completely naked on
her bed.
My jaw dropped as I looked over
her beauty. She had always been
gorgeous, but today she was all
done up and was absolutely
"Mmmm come to bed bro....I can
tell you are as excited as I am,"
she whispered, as she moved
her finger up her slit and pointed
to my tented boxers with the
other hand. "Take those off… I
wanna see the cock that’s gonna
make me a woman…and if
you’re lucky dear brother… a
Kathryn let out a moan of
approval as I dropped my boxers
and freed my throbbing cock.
Beckoning me forward with her
finger she said, "Come here
bro… I’m ready"
I wasted little time as it seemed
we were both ready and willing to
cross the line with each other. I
stepped forward to her bed and
lay on top of her, my hips joining
with hers, and kissed her
passionately as her hand cupped
my balls, gently fondling them.
Breaking the kiss, she whispered
in my ear, "You should have told
me earlier how you felt" Sliding
her hand up from my balls she
gently stroked my hard, cock.
Facing me, she smiled as she
softly said, "I have wanted you to
fuck me for years.... it’s why I am
still a virgin bro… I saved myself
for you."
"Oh shit," I moaned as she
stroked my cock. "I fantasized
about you all the time… I can’t
wait to fuck you sis… it’s gonna
feel incredible for us!"
As my cockhead neared her
pussy I could feel the heat from
her dripping wet cunt.
With a devious grin she said, "Oh,
and just to warn you bro… I’m at
my most fertile time right now
bro… in fact the tester I used
says I’m ovulating… if you cum
inside me today, I’m certain I’ll
get pregnant… still wanna fuck
She moaned as I cupped her soft
breasts and pinched her nipples
and said, "Mmmm sis I can’t wait
to fuck you until I explode inside
your hot cunt."
"Ahhhh that’s good bro… "
Sliding her feet back towards her
butt, she spread her legs and
raised her knees upwards as she
cried out, "Mmmmm now fuck
me bro... I'm ready... make me a
woman bro. I want you so fucking
bad," she moaned.
I reached between my legs and
grasped my cock, rubbing the
head of my hard cock up and
down her sopping wet slit,
getting it soaked with her pussy
juices. Placing the head between
her swollen pussy lips, I looked
into her eyes and said, "Are you
sure this is what you want?
Biting her lip, Kathryn nodded and
replied softly, "Go ahead bro…
fuck me... I broke my hymen with
a vibrator." With that I pressed
forward, letting my cock part
the lips of her pussy, stretching
her pussy slightly before I thrust
into her, meeting little
resistance. Her height was
perfect as we lay there face to
"OH MY GOD!!!" Kathryn cried out
as her body convulsed and her
arms and legs held me tight.
"That feels so good. Shit! Just...
go a little slow... let me get used
to it... fuck! You're so damn big,"
Kathryn moaned as she thrust
her hips against me.
It was hard to believe that I had
my cock buried up to the hilt in
my twin sister’s very tight, hot,
and wet pussy. "Oh fuck sis, this
feels so good...." I moaned as she
slowly ground her hips against
me, letting her pussy get used
to its first cock.
Wrapping her arms around my
neck, she kissed me
passionately and moaned, "God
bro you feel so good inside me."
She giggled happily as she
continued, "I can’t believe my
own brother just took my
virginity and his hard cock is
inside me… come on bro… fuck
your sister!"
As I began to thrust into her, she
moaned with delight as she
wrapped her legs around my
waist and crossed her ankles.
"Mmmm just to make sure that
you know you’re going nowhere
until you cum deep inside me…"
Licking her soft lips she said
sexily, "Mmmmm your own
sister is giving you a shot to
knock her up… does that turn
you on?"
"Oh god sis, that’s so hot... I can’t
wait to cum inside you and knock
you up like Laura… but I want
you to cum with me." I moaned
softly. I pressed my lips against
hers hard, thrusting my tongue
into her mouth as I continued to
thrust my cock into her
throbbing pussy.
Kathryn arched her back,
pushing her cunt up to meet
each thrust of my cock, "Oh
fuck, bro..... that feels so good…
fuck me harder bro... Oh God, it
feels so good."
As my pace grew faster and my
thrusts harder my sister cried
out, "Oh fuck! That's it bro! Oh
shit I’m gonna cum! Cum with
"Oh God Kathryn! I’m so close…
I’m gonna cum!"
As her orgasm hit, Kathryn cried
out, "Oh yeah bro! Cum in meeee!
I wanna feel your cum shooting
deep into my pussy!"
"Oh fuck! I’m cumming!" I
shouted as my balls tightened
and I drove my cock as deep as I
could inside her. As her orgasm
hit, Kathryn could feel me stiffen
and tremble as I rapidly
approached my orgasm.
She thrust her hips up, gripped
me tightly with her legs, and
ground her pussy against my
cock. She shuddered as her
orgasm began to sweep through
her body, right as she felt my
cock spewing out its load of
warm cum with so much force
that she could feel it hit the back
of her pussy.
As my cum filled her Kathryn
cried out "Oh fuck bro that’s it! I
can feel it! Cum inside me! Fill me
with your hot jizz! Ohhhh God!
Make me pregnant like Laura!"
I came so hard I almost passed
out. The combination of my own
sister begging me to knock her
up and the fact that her pussy
was squeezing the hell out of my
cock, milking it of all my cum,
caused me fill her tight virgin
pussy to the brim.
As she weakened her grip with
her legs I started to pull out of
her. When she felt my cock
slipping out her, she quickly
tightened her legs, holding me
inside her.
"No! Stay inside me! I need your
cock to keep every drop of your
sperm inside me so they can do
their work… besides I love the
way your cock feels in me right
Running her fingernails across
my back, she stared into my
eyes and asked, "So what did you
"God Kathryn, it was felt so good and
I gave her a quick kiss before I
asked, "Are you sure we did the
right thing.... I mean, are you ok
with this?"
Kathryn hugged me tightly and
replied "Ok? I’ve wanted you for
so long bro… years of waiting to
feel your hot body on top of me
and your hard cock inside me."
Noticing my shock at her
confession, my sister giggled
and whispered, "Don’t be so
surprised bro... you're my
brother but that doesn’t mean I
never checked you out."
After a quick peck she
continued, "Seriously bro, don't
worry about it. We're both adults
and we for damn sure know
what we want... we did what we
wanted... I don't regret losing my
virginity to such a handsome
man as you, even though you're
my brother." She giggled, "Plus I
had to check out what made
Laura scream so much. Tonight I
want you to fuck me again and
again. You may be my brother,
but you make me cum so
freaking hard."
Kissing her neck, I replied. "And
you may be my twin sister but
you’re pretty damn sexy
"Shit," Kathryn said softly as my
flaccid cock slipped out of her
tight pussy and my cum began
to run down her slit to the bed
sheet. "Jesus bro! How much did
you cum? Must have been a lot
cause I’m leaking cum all over
the place…"
"Don’t worry sis… when we fuck
again, I’ll plug that leak… just
gotta wait until I get it up again." I
"Mmmm I can help with that." My
sister whispered. She lowered
her head to my cum covered
cock and began to slowly run her
tongue up and down my shaft,
savoring the taste of my cum
and hers mixed together. She
moaned as she took my limp dick
in her mouth and began to gently
suck it and work her tongue
around the tip. She could feel my
dick twitching as it began to
swell in her mouth. It only took a
few seconds before my dick was
hard again.
Pulling back, he gave the bulbous
head a final wet kiss, looked up
at me and said, "Mmmm I love
your cock bro. It's sooo big and
feels fucking awesome inside
"You should try riding my cock
sis… all girls like it… I know it
drives Laura crazy!"
I could only smile as she crawled
up my body and swung her leg
over my hips to straddle me
before she grasped my cock and
slowly lowered her pussy down
onto it. I easily slid into her cum
drenched pussy. "Oh God, you're
right that feels so fucking good,"
she moaned as she stretched
out on top of me and began to
slowly move her pussy up and
down my hard dick. "Mmmm so
who else has ridden your cock
bro? I can see why they love it. I
get to fuck your hard cock."
I laughed and replied, "You know
your friend Tracy liked to be
screwed that way.... in fact she
was the first girl to ride me."
Kathryn paused and said with
shock, "You fucked Tracy? But
she's older than us! By like 2
years!" She kissed me before
she continued grinding her pussy
slowly up and down my shaft.
"Damn, you really fucked Tracy?"
she whispered.
"Yeah two years back… the
summer before she left for
college," I replied. "You know she
admitted to me that she fucked
her little brother as his 18th
birthday gift."
Kathryn cried out, "OH MY GOD!
That’s so hot! I shoulda known…
oh fuck! You feel so good. Fuck
me bro! Fuck me as hard as you
As I began to thrust back at her,
she moved her ass up and down
more rapidly, sliding her pussy up
and down my rigid cock. "OH GOD,
feels so good... Oh shit bro! Don’t
I grabbed her hips and thrust
against her even harder,
ramming my cock deep inside
her hot, wet pussy. I looked on as
the tall goddess atop me rode
my cock. I caught sight of her
hard nipples as her tits bounced
with each thrust, her abs
contracting with each of her
thrusts, and her dirty blonde hair
flailing. The squishy sounds my
cock made as it moved in and
out of her cum soaked pussy
turned us both on even more.
Oh Fuck! Shit!!!"
"What’s wrong sis?"
"Fuck bro… I'm going to cum... I
can’t believe how good this
"Mmmmm me too Kathryn! Cum
with me sis!"
Kathryn’s whole body shook as
her orgasm approached. She ran
her hands through her long, dirty
blonde hair as she slammed her
pussy down on my cock harder
and faster. My sister could feel
the tension building in her pussy
and thighs as she neared her
release and realized that more
of her brother’s seed would
Wrapping her arms around me
tightly, she kissed up to my neck
to my ear and whimpered,
"That’s it brother, fuck your
sister hard… mmmm I bet you
can’t wait to shoot your hot cum
deep inside my tight, wet, and oh
so fertile pussy."
Giggling as I groaned in response
she continued whispering,
"Mmmm I know it excites you
bro. Go on… its ok… cum inside
your sister… fill me with your
I groaned as my balls tightened
and I thrust deep into her,
"Ooohhhh God sis... you feel so
tight… I can’t hold back much
longer… you close?" I grunted.
As I began to fuck her harder
and faster, she cried out, "YES!
OH GOD YES! I’m almost there!
Cum with me bro! Fill my pussy
with your hot cum!"
Our simultaneous cries of
release were followed by one of
the most intense orgasms of
our lives. I never broke eye
contact with my sister as I
squirted deep inside her pussy.
My sister’s orgasm only
intensified as she felt rope after
rope of my hot jizz splashing
against the walls of her pussy
and cervix, filling her with my
seed. After our orgasms
subsided, we remained in each
other’s arms, kissing her neck
and shoulder before sharing a
long and romantic kiss.
Breaking the kiss, Kathryn smiled
deviously and said, "God it turns
me on that my own twin brother,
the closest relative I have, just
gave me the best sex of my
life… twice…"
Rubbing my muscular back with
her hands she cracked an evil
grin and said, "Hey bro… do you
promise not to tell our sisters
"Sure sis." I panted
Leaning in close she whispered,
"You will never have to wear a
condom with me bro… you got
every night we're together to
feel my hot, tight pussy wrapped
around your cock and to cum
inside me."
My dick jumped and grew harder
as I groaned at her words.
Feeling my hardening cock inside
her, Kathryn raised an eye brow
and said sexily, "Mmmm looks
like you’re ready for another
round bro…"
She squealed with delight as I
rolled her over and began ravage
her for the third time that night.
As I saw Kathryn squirm beneath
me I thought, two down and two
to go… it sure looked like I had a
hell of a lot more work to do…
but I was definitely up to the